Updated Word Count & the Integrity of Changing My Own Rules.

by distractingdelusions

Having recently looked back through various notepads and word documents, I have had a personal revelation in regards to my writing style that has immediate implications for the way in which I approach this weekly challenge. On reflection, it would appear that I write to several particular lengths in a purely subconscious manner. No matter how hard I may strive to fit other formats, through both padding and editing, there are some areas between which I cannot adequately resolve an idea without detrimental effects to my story telling. This revelation has struck me as being remarkably similar to the way in which some athletes can run the two hundred and eight hundred metres exceptionally, but never quite master the four hundred metres as a stand alone race. Completely coincidentally, I was one of those athletes back in school – strange, eh?

All this preamble is a convoluted way of telling you with absolute honesty that I am changing the word count range for these stories from, 750 – 1000 words per story too, 750 – 1500 words per story.

‘Aha!’ You might cry, ‘He can’t bring himself to edit his work, so he’s going to change the rules instead. Typical!’

But you would be wrong.

Certainly, I am not over enthusiastic about editing what I write; but editing is an integral part of being an author. Often-times it happens during the writing process itself: a sentence here, an adjective there. Whole pages and paragraphs sometimes get thrown out the window when I write (before being safely stored in another word file for future reference/dust collecting purposes).

However, my main reasons for adjusting the word count range are quite simple. Firstly, as stated in my initial post, this is meant to be fun and, from my point of view, there is very little fun in presenting you with stories that do not represent the full idea that your titles have given me. Secondly, and more importantly for you, the readers, I feel it would be unfair to present you with stories that didn’t feel whole, or worse, so edited that the bones were visible. I do not believe in anorexic stories.

Please feel free to comment and voice your support/dissent in regards to this change. I would certainly be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on the matter. In the meantime, I shall amend the word count range and shift, The Rules, to a more prominent location than that of the first post.