Title for Week #4

by distractingdelusions

This week’s title, as announced via twitter yesterday, is, Carcass.

Judging by the responses received to, Amber/Deep, people have found it easier to relate to than previous stories. At first, I naively assumed this may have been because I was actually dealing with human, and therefore more relatable, characters. But I think it extends further than that.

In, Our Town and, Amelia, I was dealing with a central character and a specific set of alien, unseen circumstances that defined the significance of events within the stories. The worlds/universes were presented quickly via reference, memory and, in the case of, Our Town, direct narrative exposition. There was a universal connection that, on reflection, may have been detrimental to the more personal, empathic connection required for the reader (you) to identify with the protagonists of the pieces. Perversely, having looked back at, The Syn, which was the piece I wrote for a course I was doing in the same week I wrote, Our Town, I went out of my way to make that personal connection to ensure the reader immediately cared about the fate of the characters.

For, Carcass, I am currently in two minds as to the nature of the story I wish to tell. This is not an uncommon circumstance, but having identified the strengths and pit-falls of previous stories, I now hope to resolve this minor issue from a better informed perspective than that from which I have approached similar conundrums before.

See you at the end of the week.

Ben – 07/02/2012