‘An Honest Valentine’ & some useful links.

by distractingdelusions

An Honest Valentine.

Roses are red, stab wounds are too.

My bruises are purple, so your skin is now blue.

I loved you my darling, you know that it’s true.

But you shouldn’t have hit me. I’m so over you.

©Ben Durbin 14th February 2012

Yes, it’s Valentine’s day and I just posted a short ‘poem’ about domestic violence written from the perspective of a victim who’s had enough and snapped, thus dooming themselves to further misery. As often happens in real life, the events that have transpired are all because they didn’t feel they could talk to anyone and chose instead to bottle up the anger until it exploded and destroyed the last remnants of their life through a further act of violence.

Before you think that, An Honest Valentine, doesn’t take this subject very seriously, please just read it again. The last line seems flippant doesn’t it – well that’s just me and I’ll tell you why. I have to add in the dark humour here because honestly, this subject scares me. The thought that there are people out there trapped in relationships with someone they truly love, who then have that love mercilessly abused and used as a psychological weapon against them to cover up physical abuse… it scares the hell out of me.

I hate domestic violence. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced it first hand and for that, I am truly grateful. But I do know plenty of people who have both, been affected by and victims of such abuse and it makes me angry every time I think about it.

If you know anyone, or think you might know someone in a situation like this, please take a minute to go to these two links and read up on how you may be able to help. Because unlike the outcome in, An Honest Valentine, not every story has to have a tragic ending.

Violence does not have to lead to more violence, but it should also never be tolerated.

Ben – 14th Feb, 2012