Title for Week #5

by distractingdelusions

This Friday’s title, as announced yesterday on twitter, is, Whispers in the Dark.

So far, Carcass, appears to have been received fairly well. Not as well as, Amber/Deep but better than, Our Town. Maybe I lost some people with the dystopian outer shell, but I think it’s more down to the fact that the majority of confirmed weekly readers (ones I know in person) not having had the time to read it yet due to a multitude of issues I’m well aware of.

In other news I also wrote a very short ‘poem’ (it looks like a poem, but doesn’t have a poetic structure) for Valentines’ day entitled, An Honest Valentine. The reaction so far has been positive, which would suggest that I’ve managed to communicate my point, both in the ‘poem’ and the blurb beneath it. So that makes me happy, especially since the ‘poem’ itself formed in my head within five minutes of waking up this morning and I wasn’t sure about posting it. Sometimes these early morning ideas can be good other times, not so much.

Anyway, my room is currently covered in notebooks as I am attempting to re-boot several projects, including a long-form comic and a TV-script I wrote a couple of years ago, so I better go and deal with that. See you back here on Friday, if not before! – B