Busy, busy, busy

by distractingdelusions

As you may have gathered from the title, it’s been a busy week. I have been finishing up and submitting a variety of short stories, including a couple that have previously appeared on here, to various publications. I also took a quick hour on Tuesday to submit three, 100 word plays for the Royal Court Theatre’s, 100wordplays project, which runs as part of the theatre’s, Young Writer’s Festival until, April 14th. In the midst of all these submissions I have also been drafting (and re-drafting) my first assignment for a, Writing Drama course I’m doing through, Oxford University.

So, busy, busy, busy indeed.

However, yesterday was a write off. After reading and typing, re-reading and re-typing ad infinitum, I had to give up for the day before ten o’clock as my left eye developed a lovely twitch from staring intently at multiple word documents.

In the midst of all this you may be wondering if I’ve had time to do this week’s story. Well… I’m working on it. Having pitched myself several ideas for, Rootjuice, (yes I pitched myself ideas – it’s possible, just ask any writer,) I have found what I believe to be the right direction for this piece. I’m now working on the first draft and hope to have the final piece honed in plenty of time for tomorrow.

*Watch This Space*