Rootjuice – Finally Available!

by distractingdelusions

Rootjuice is finally here!

Unfortunately, due to WordPress being silly on Friday and then my eyes causing me all manner of grief for the majority of the weekend, (I was unable to type or read anything due to a lovely tick developing in my left eye whenever I tried to concentrate on a screen,) this was delayed for far too long.

By way of apology, I will be posting up my three entries to the Royal Court Theatre’s, 100 Word Plays over the next week.

Anyway, just to fill you in on the background for this piece: I have been reading a lot of South African folktales recently and decided that it would be fun to give it a go myself, hence the sparse use of language and simple sentence structures.

So, go and read it and let me know what you think through the usual places.

Thanks for your patience – B