100 Word Plays Entry #1: Inevitably

by distractingdelusions

So this is the first of my three entries to the 100 Word PlaysInevitably.

The rules state that speaker signifiers and the title are not included in the word count, though all stage directions are. The word count on this piece stands at 99 words, as per he rules:




[Hospital room: A man is linked up to a dialysis machine. A Nurse argues with a Man in Suit]

Man in Suit: How much longer will this take?

Nurse: I’ve told you already, sir. We’re awaiting confirmation from our transplant ward.

Man in Suit: Well tell them to get a move on.

Nurse: I…

Man in Suit: This isn’t some ignorant pleb we’re talking about. This is the Prime Minister. What’s taking them so long?

[Phone rings, Nurse answers and listens, nodding, then cups the receiver.]

Nurse: It’s the transplant ward.

Man in Suit: Well?

Nurse: They’ve been privatised. They’d like to discuss some new tax breaks before making their final decision. Are you free?