Second & Third 100 Word Plays

by distractingdelusions

Here are the other two 100 word plays I submitted to the Royal Court Theatre’s YWF 100 Word Plays project. War Council was my first attempt and is essentially a short fill that you might see in a comedy sketch program. The second piece, Making Ways Safe is more 1984-satirical and the meaning behind the title will make sense (at least for UK readers) once you read the twist at the end.

War Council

[A table with four people sat around the sides, all in darkness except the speaker stood at the head of the table, up-lit, though we cannot see their face.]

 Speaker: [Starts strongly, building to a climax]

Together, we fight this plague.

United, we shall persevere.

It has taken us years to get this far. Now the real struggle begins.

We have cleansed the fringes of our territory.

But it is time to root out this scourge from our midst.

The Sunvale Horticultural Society will prevail!

We will be a weed free society!

[Full lights. The group give him a standing ovation]


Making Ways Safe

[An Interrogator with a clipboard and a Man stand either side of a counter.]

Interrogator: Nationality?

Man: British.

Interrogator: Asian, Black, White, Other?

Man: White.

Interrogator: Well done.

Man: Erm…

Interrogator: Religious?

Man: I don’t see how tha-

Interrogator: Religious?

Man: Yes.

Interrogator: Terrorist?

Man: No!

Interrogator: Are you sure?

Man: Very! Now can I jus-

Interrogator: Quiet please.

Man: But I-

Interrogator: If you interrupt me again you will be detained.

Man: Sorry.

Interrogator: Noted.

Please place your finger here to verify D.N.A. and payment.

[SFX: ‘Ding!’]

Interrogator: Thank you.

[Hands over shopping from under counter]

Interrogator: Have a standard day, sir.

Man: Have a standard day.