Assorted News & Views

by distractingdelusions


I have had a short story picked up to appear in the next issue of Indigo Rising UK. As with other bits and pieces, details and links will be added once a publication date has been set.

I am in very early talks with a talented artist about creating a collaborative comic. This is in the embryonic stage and may go no further, it’s far to early to tell. Since the logistical side of such an undertaking is like attempting a fast walk through a four-dimensional minefield this may lead to nothing. On the upside, both of us are in this for fun, so the experience should be good no matter the outcome. Since it’s brightened the start of my week I felt it should be shared.


I caught up on a lot of television whilst I was ill last week, so here’s a quick summary of what I think of the latest offerings from the other side of the pond (I live in the UK if you didn’t know):

Fringe – The twists continue to proliferate in my favourite series. Without spoilers, it felt like the series resolved a lot of issues at the end of episode 15, A Short Story about Love. But the next episode brought back some history and now it’s all to play for again. Very much hoping this gets renewed for a final series.

Alcatraz – I like this. Though I’m not sure if I like myself for liking it considering the amount of filler they managed to cram into a 13 episode run. e.g. Paxton Petty (episode 6) was NOT needed. The entire two minutes of material that contributed to the rest of the series could easily have been fitted into another, better written, episode. The shock ending to the series finale also doesn’t have me fooled and seemed like an effort to appease nervous network execs, which is a pity seeing as the final three episodes picked up the pace of the series to show what it could be. Incidentally, what this series could be is pretty frakkin awesome. All the elements are there, but it may have taken too long to find its feet to survive the cancellation season.

Grimm – Solid idea complemented by good acting, let down by naff CGI. I appreciate that CGI is costly, but it seems that here the soft-core approach to using CGI for the creature effects is being used to make the series more kid friendly, which is dumb. This should be an adult show, it’s derived from the Grimm Brothers fairytales after all, which were a lot more mature than Disney ever made them out to be. I’ll stick with it though because the writing and set-up is solid enough to engage my interest. Speaking of which…

Once Upon a Time – Only seen the pilot so far but Robert Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin hooked me in immediately. This is the more child friendly of the two fairytale offerings on TV at the moment and, unlike Grimm with its adult side, this doesn’t shy away from the cuter stylings of these classic characters as espoused by Disney. I will definitely be catching up with this. It’s not really my style, but I like the premise and the acting fits the set-up.

That’s enough for now I think. – B