Things bothering me right this second (*Rant Warning*)

by distractingdelusions

The last few weeks it’s fair to say my mind has been distracted. I’ve been thinking about a lot of different subjects and wanting to write about them in a coherent manner. But my mind won’t let me. My mind is determined to switch between subjects/ideas/projects and vague half-thoughts at such a rapid pace that none of them are:

a) Sticking

b) …sticking

This is irritating me immensely as (ordinarily) I have control of my own mind. But something’s got me spun around at the moment and I cant figure out exactly what it is that’s bothering me so much as to render me dumb. Which is also frustrating. I’ve already had to correct three absurdly simple spelling mistakes just typing this far. It’s maddening.


Other less important things annoying me:

  • Lazy people who ask for lyrics in youtube comments. You’re watching the video, so listen to the music as well! Failing that, you’re on the internet, which is an amazing tool for finding information if you can be bothered to use it for more than porn and swearing at strangers. Use it!
  • Petty insecurity stuff.
  • A sudden nonsensical need for validation when I’ve spent the majority of my life not caring what people think of me. I don’t know why this is happening, but I don’t like it and would like it to go away now, please.
  • People not replying when asked a direct question. This appears to have extended further than my usual disdain of this practice in politics to include everyday (non-lizard descendant) people. If someone asks you if you want sugar in your coffee when I’m in earshot then I strongly recommend you answer until this issue is resolved, unless you want that weird looking guy at the other table to start screaming at you about being a self-entitled prick. I can’t help it. It’s polite to answer a direct question and you were clearly being ignorant… *ahem* yeah…

Rant over. For now.



PS: I’m also hating the fact that I’m currently starting more things than I’m completing.




Radio also sucks.