Oth – An extract from an old work (*Surreal and Absurd*)

by distractingdelusions

This week’s ‘story’ is an extract from an old work I wrote back in 2006. The title of this section is, Oththough the full title for the work is, The Tragedy of Performance in a Timeless Void. I was a student back then so I could get away with pretentious titles like that.

I feel it is only fair to warn you that this extract is definitely the most surreal and absurdest piece of work I have ever posted here. If you’ve been following my recent posts you’ll be aware that my mind has been all over the place (again) and I think the tone of the extract aptly captures the background noise that has been fogging my brain.

I’ll be posting again over the weekend as I have decided to make a few changes to the site and the format of the work that I present here. As you may have gathered from my posts here and here I am currently working on a couple of things that I need to focus on and, as evidenced by the last few weeks entries, the current story-a-week format isn’t really going to hold. At least not in it’s current form.

Still, I’ll be clarifying my plans for the site over the next couple of days so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, please, click here to read the weirdest thing you’ve seen all week.

Thank you

– Ben