by distractingdelusions

As promised, a quick run down of a few simple, yet major changes to this blog:

  • The Rules have gone, for now. Simply put I’m now working on several long-term projects and producing a brand new short story each week is not realistically going to possible. Additionally, since I was only receiving title suggestions from a handful of people there was not as much variation in the themes of the stories as I had hoped and it just wasn’t working in the set format.
  • Due to the above reasons the, Latest Story page has now been re-named, Pinboard.
  • The Pinboard will be used to display excerpts of older works as well as longer pieces of original material written specifically for this site. However, I will not be rotating the pieces displayed on a regular basis as before.

As I won’t be focused on producing a complete new work each week, my normal blog posts should become more regular occurrences and will vary in tone and content. This in turn means that the sites’ twitter feed should become more active, so don’t forget to follow for more direct updates!

All that remains to say is thank you for the support you’ve shown to my little experiment so far. I may very well return to producing a story a week at some point in the future and I’ve certainly learnt a lot of valuable lessons regarding what does and doesn’t work in different formats and styles. But for now, it’s time for a change.

I hope to be seeing a lot more of you all.