Flashfic: The Foolishness of Men.

by distractingdelusions

The Foolishness of Men


The dawn came and the dawn went, yet still, he could not move his legs.

As the silhouettes of the trees outside extended across the curtains, the room transformed from its usual vapid, steam-blurred cream tone into a fiery hue that complimented the crimson stain streaking his unwavering gaze.

As the clock crept to three-fifteen and he failed to hear the distant bells’ chime demarking the end of the school-day, he came to the inevitable conclusion that he must be dead.

Yet as terrible as this realisation was, his final thoughts at the fringe of his premature demise were consumed by embarrassment and anger at his own, stupid pride. The words of his (now, ‘ex’, he supposed) girlfriend, echoing through his dying mind,

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s pink! This shower mat could save your life, Lionel. So use it, and don’t be such a macho little prick!’


©Benedict Durbin 2012