Progress Report – Note Form

by distractingdelusions

This is how things stand on the writing and publishing side as of right now:

2000AD Short Story Entry – Sketched out but still in note form. Ten days to go…

Comic Projects – In the works, updates as and when applicable,

DFTBA Short Story Entry – I just don’t even… ‘In Progress’. Five months to go.

Indigo Rising UK – Awaiting publishing update.

New Flash Fic – Several pieces done and sent to various publications. News to follow.

The Novel – Slightly behind due to general chaos but still on course. Updates as and when applicable,

Whitechapel Quarterly – Awaiting publishing update.

Due to family visiting this weekend any actual updates will be reserved for twitter.

Also, there will be pictures.

Probably of food.

In the meantime, please check out the inaugural issue of, The Curiosity Cabinet, which is a nice collection of art, short stories, poetry, photography and other features. Twitter: @curiocabmag

And don’t forget to get in on the ground floor with the re-launch issue of, Weaponizer, which features a ‘lost’ interview with China Mieville and a whole shebang of wonderful and thought-provoking art, features and short stories. Twitter: @weaponizer

That’s all from me for now. Enjoy your weekend!