New Flashfic: Closing Statement

by distractingdelusions

So, I had a job interview today for something to keep me occupied and ensure my mind doesn’t stagnate. It appears to have gone well, but only time will tell. Anyway, as promised, here is a recent flashfic I wrote, entitled:


Closing Statement


The statement admitted that errors had been made. It acknowledged that the original plans had been rushed and not enough attention had been paid to vital details and components, thus jeopardising the safety of all involved. The basic evolutionary model had been fatally flawed and, inevitably, the project had gone awry.

Furthermore, additional failings identified during the construction process had not been addressed with the necessary attention required to prevent future structural instability and collapse. As a direct result of these over-sights the entire framework of the enterprise had been irreversibly compromised on multiple levels.

It went on to concede that the board of directors left in charge of the development was rife with corruption and thorough only in their abuse of power, often perverting and re-interpreting the projects’ ethics to better serve themselves.

The statement concluded that the delay in direct intervention had been down to base negligence, and it took full responsibility for the catastrophic loss of life and resources it’s errors and wilful blindness had caused.

Critics immediately began to file for damages, but the compensation they demanded would not be forthcoming.

The day that God apologised for creation, was the same day it terminated the project.


©Benedict Durbin 2012