Scenes of Desolation/Reasons for My Absence

by distractingdelusions

The complete re-wiring of our  house, combined with the full re-fitting of our bathroom and kitchen, started a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, this:

As well as having to pack-up/box/store clothes and cover every surface/sofa/bed with dust-sheets before heading off for my new job at 4:30am each morning, I have still been writing. Mainly in notebooks and notepads of the non-electronic variety, hence the lack of recent communication. However, I have a fairly clear day tomorrow and have been gifted a quiet haven to work in (did I mention that we can’t be in the house whilst work is going on throughout the day? Indeed, it is a pain, thank you for agreeing with me).

All things being approximately, though not precisely, equal, my submission for Issue #2 of, The Curiosity Cabinet (@Curiocabmag) should make landfall at some point tomorrow afternoon. Additionally, the novel continues and comic scripts, currently without artists attached to draw them, are proliferating.

So, I’m keeping busy; how are you?


P.S. If you’ve yet to take a look, Indigo Rising #2, featuring a couple of my short stories, which I have mentioned & critiqued previously, is still available to peruse at their site, here.

Go forth and read!