Weekend Update #1

by distractingdelusions

My piece for, The Curiosity Cabinet (@Curiocabmag) was finally submitted with two minutes to spare. Iron Maiden fans may, or may not, be interested to note that the time was, Two Minutes to Midnight… last night. Anyway, as those keeping track from my previous post will have realised, life happened and things (work/sleep) were delayed. In the end, it was all worth it as I received a message from the magazine’s main editor, via Twitter, to say that she didn’t want the story to end and was curious (see that pun? Yeah, sorry…) to know what happened next.

I think she likes it.

This is good.

Anyway, I will post another update when the magazine goes live. I’m off to wade through masonry dust in an attempt to trap two pieces of bread in a toaster for breakfast.

I can’t help how macho that sounds, really. Hitting deadlines brings out my primal, hunter/gatherer instinct; gods help the foolish loaf that crosses me.