Weekend Update #2

by distractingdelusions

Three or four years ago, I used to do a very amateur and sporadic podcast that went by the title: W.T.F.I.W. (Whatever The F#ck I Want).

W.T.F.I.W. was designed to document whatever happened to be on my mp3 player whenever I could be bothered to put an hour or twos worth of music together in a downloadable format. It was, by turns, a schizophrenic mixture of musical styles that should never be played back-to-back, and a constantly evolving, beautiful mess, charting my conflicting  moods and tastes throughout its existence.

However, since it was only listened to by, roughly, three people (‘site statistics don’t lie, do they? *ahem*) after a couple of years I got bored of putting it all together. So it faded away. I didn’t really think about doing it again until my external hard-drive broke at the end of last year and I lost pretty much all of them, which was rather more upsetting than you might think. The experience was akin to losing a couple of years worth of photographs. It sucked, and I had no way of retrieving them since the laptop the original files had been on had gone through an irreversible melt-down just a few months beforehand and I hadn’t got around to backing-up my back-ups.

Anyway, all this preamble doesn’t, as you may have assumed, herald the inglorious return of W.T.F.I.W. But I have started to toy with the idea of doing something again. So I wrote this down to see how stupid the idea sounded out-loud and convince myself not to do it, especially since I don’t like hearing myself talking in-between tracks. Unfortunately, I think I now want to do it all over again. Even if no-one bothers to listen to it.

For now, until I come up with a proper solution to this trifling conundrum, I’m just going to post a screenshot of a playlist featuring random songs by the artists I’ve been listening to most today:

WhatcouldhavebeenWTFIW - Sat 16th June 2012


This is my brain, 23:03 GMT, Saturday 16th June, 2012.