New Story: Published in Issue #2 of, The Curiosity Cabinet

by distractingdelusions

As the title says, I have a new story available in Issue #2 of, The Curiosity Cabinet.

Here’s a direct link to my contribution, The Lodge, and here’s a link to the rest of the issue, which I strongly recommend you read.

The Curiosity Cabinet is the brain-child of, @Guerredenom and is chock-full of original short stories, articles, poetry, art, photography, music and reviews. It is also the home of, Curious Cooking, which I was rather hoping would tell me how to bake non-lethal cyanide muffins. I’m pretty sure, @lucyzirins is just easing us in with her Double Choc Chip Cookies before she unleashes the  culinary apocalypse in future issues. If not, I’ll have to write an angry letter of some description, possibly to myself for being stupid enough to want to cook with cyanide.

Anyway, there’s lots here for everyone, and you will also be able to go back and access the first issue as it is completely free!


(Yes, I said it again, I’m sorry).