Passing Thoughts #1

by distractingdelusions

A quick post in response to the news that, Turkey’s government has finally ditched their controversial plans to introduce legislation making it illegal for women to have an abortion past the sixth week of pregnancy. This is, of course, fantastic news for Turkish women’s rights since introducing such legislation would have effectively outlawed abortion all-together as most (if not, all) women don’t find out they’re pregnant until after the sixth week.

However, after reading this report, from AlJazeera, I was left perturbed by the following sentence,

“The source said that the Islamist-rooted government would instead seek to limit the number of Caesarean sections being performed in the country”

It then attempts to clarify this, seemingly random, statement by going on to explain,

“The health minister had earlier said doctors were warned against performing unnecessary C-sections amid worries that some were forcing women to undergo unnecessary surgeries in order to make more money.”

This new issue certainly displays a fair concern for a serious problem. If doctors are, indeed, performing unnecessary caesarean’s, then they are introducing unwarranted risks to mothers and babies that could jeopardise their health and, in some cases, lead to tragedy. If this is happening, it should definitely be dealt with.

Yet, I fail to see how clamping down on C-sections relates to trying to outlaw abortions. These are two entirely separate issues and I am curious as to whether this is genuinely an issue that the Turkish government is dedicating itself to combating, or, given the context of defeat and the anonymity of the source quoted, if it is just hearsay designed to shift attention from the government’s embarrassing defeat.

I’ll be watching with interest to see how this develops.