On Being a… hang on, not yet.

by distractingdelusions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, transexuals & transgens,


Tonight, I will not be posting the piece I was unable to put up yesterday (about being a male feminist) as, having had an extra day to reflect on it, I realised that there’s a plethora of relevant information I still need to include. I will be expanding the piece, from an average sized blog-post, into a feature length article for an on-line magazine and, as always, I shall post a link when it eventually materialises.

As the original piece meant to occupy this space is being held back, I have nothing prepared to amaze/bore (delete as appropriate) you with. So instead, I’m going to post several bits and bobs that have caught my eye over the past week, enjoy!

Firstly (and most recently): Halloween Eve – A creator-owned, Kickstarter funded, comic by Amy Reeder (artist) and Brandon Montclare (writer). This looks amazing and I urge you all to take a look and pledge your support if you like what you see:

Next up is, WIK▲N‘s, Monoliths EP, which actually came out in May. If you’re not familiar with the witch-house faux-genre, this is an excellent place to start. My personal favourite from this release is, M▲GE, which, I have found, is perfect for writing too. Again, I strongly suggest you have a listen for yourself and please do buy the EP if you like it, as most of the artists working under the witch-house banner are self-funded:

MONOLITHS EP cover art

I am also getting increasingly excited at the prospect of Kelly Sue DeConnick‘s new, Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers has been one of my favourite Marvel characters for many years and Kelly’s writing has always proved to be consistently superb. The prospect of having Kelly as the driving force behind Carol’s launch into the top-tier of Marvel’s finest is pitch-perfect for such a significant character event and the wait, to July 18th, is killing me.

Lastly, I’m also very happy that this happened, more or less as planned: