R.I.P. Flashstories.net

by distractingdelusions

This evening I have discovered, completely by chance, that both the April 2012, flashstories.net competition, and flashstories.net as a whole, are no more. The brief, undated, note on the site’s front page reads as below:


With regret, FlashStories.net will be closing soon. All prize moneys will be issued for the October 2011 contest, and entry fees refunded for the April 2012 contest.

FlashStories.net has always been a non-profit-making outlet for new writers, I am no longer prepared to take the pressures involved, and the occasional criticism that has been levelled at me by a minority of contest entrants.

Best of luck with all your writing endeavours.

Thank you.

Sean Jeffery

This sucks. Not just because I had entered two stories for April’s competition, but because, fs.net has been going strong for quite some time, which is no small feat considering the amount of short fiction competition sites out there. It’s unfortunate that, yet again, a small group of people have managed to ruin a good thing by causing enough of a fuss to make Mr Jeffery want to pack in the site. Whilst the system may not have been perfect, there have been plenty of new writers that have gained exposure to a wider audience via the site and its passing should be marked.

Tomorrow, I shall post one of the two stories I entered for April’s competition – Death of a Hero. I originally intended to post both of my entries on here, but I now have ‘other plans’ for, 187 that include a format change and an illustrator.

For now though, goodnight.