Drive-by Blog

by distractingdelusions

Yes, Monday’s article didn’t make it thanks to a confluence of disparate events hospitalising all of my semi-laid plans. Needless to say, things are still in a state of turmoil here in terror towers. Boxes appear to be breeding throughout the ground floor and, for some, yet to be explained, reason, the new paint has made the entire upper floor smell like week-old curry. The whole experience reminds me of being a student, just, without the fun stuff.

We’re having a blast, honest.

On the upside, a project I believed to be well and truly dead has dragged its weary carcass upright and is undergoing the painstaking process of regeneration. Another project is also going ahead and my notebooks are filling up at an exponential rate. So, whilst little of this is currently making it to screen, the next few months are shaping up to be rather busy on all fronts.

I really want to move away from the sporadic nature recent posts have taken and I have plans for some exciting new, regular (weekly) features. But for now you’ll just have to bare with me until a semblance of routine is restored.

See you in the ether.