Drive-by Blog #2

by distractingdelusions

A quick note to confirm life.

Somehow, when I took this part-time job to keep a regular income whilst working on writing jobs, I never envisioned it as something that would command my life. I miscalculated. Apparently, working part-time takes up more of my time than a 9-5 job would thanks to the requirements to cover for people who can’t be bothered to turn up for their shifts.

Therefore, I am thinking that it may be prudent to ditch the part-time work. The whole thing is far more trouble than it’s worth and the financial benefit is virtually nonexistent. <Conundrum>But I don’t like to quit.</Conundrum>. I’ll play this one by ear.

Still, on to the things that actually matter in life. Once I’ve had the time to sit down and watch them I will be posting reviews of the new seasons of: Alphas, Leverage, The Newsroom and Warehouse 13. As well as other bits and bats re: Captain Marvel #1, Kelly Thompson’s, The Girl Who Would Be King, and various others things. That reminds me, Save The Supers‘ second episode is up – go and watch it!

Until then – Peace, Love and Fluffy Things to all.