Things you Need to See #2: My Gimpy Life

by distractingdelusions

Some of you may already be familiar with, Teal Sherer‘s work on, The Guild, [as, Venom (who first appeared in >this< episode)] from her work on stage or, possibly, from this video response to DC’s New 52 announcement. As Oracle. If you’re not familiar with her work, well, you should be; it really is that simple. And now you have no excuse.

Today marks the launch of the brand new web-series, My Gimpy Life and Teal is front and center as, both, creator and star.

As the tag-line states, the series follows, “The awkward adventures of a driven actress (Teal) trying to navigate her way through Hollywood in a wheelchair.” What the tag-line fails to mention is that it is also hilarious and thought-provoking. The first episode, Accessible, highlights the, still prevalent, issue of public access as Teal attempts to audition for a commercial. Without giving anything away, the episode’s subject matter is handled deftly and humorously; as is her agent’s apologetic, over-compensation/sensitivity with regard to his client’s disability.

The interaction between Teal and Gary Anthony Williams (as her agent, Charles) is hysterical, yet completely true to life. After all, though few people will admit that they act differently around wheelchair users, we usually do. At least until we get to know the person and look past the chair. I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship between these two characters develops. As nice as Teal (the character) is, I’m sure there’s part of her that just wants to slap him for being so precious and so considerate when he speaks to her. I may well be wrong. But, considering the names involved in creating this show, I would be surprised if it’s not addressed sooner or later, whether in this season or the next.

Whilst typing, I realised that this particular scene reminded me of the, season two, Community episode, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Specifically, the scene in which it is revealed how, Fat Neil came to be known as ‘Fat’ Neil at Greendale. None of us (and by ‘us’ I mean, people that don’t actively go out of our way to make other people feel bad in order to make ourselves feel good) like to admit that we judge people on their looks. But we do. At least initially.

This episode is a wonderful introduction to Teal’s world and had me laughing out loud throughout, much to the chargrin of my cats. I strongly urge you to watch it and subscribe to the show’s channel. This show deserves your support and I, for one, can’t wait for the next episode.