Gail Simone & Jim Calafiore are Leaving Megalopolis. With your help!

by distractingdelusions

Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Batgirl) and Jim Calafiore (ExilesBatgirlBatman: Gotham Underground) have teamed up again for the first time since their universally acclaimed Secret Six series to create a brand new, 80-page, graphic novel.

Leaving Megalopolis is a, creator-owned, survival horror comic set in, “a superhero universe gone horribly wrong.” The story follows the trials and horrors faced by a small band of survivors as they struggle to deal with the fallout created when their former saviors turn against the city they once protected. Both creators have stated that this book is going to be dark and as much about the individual character’s struggles with their personal demons as it is about escaping the terrifying wrath of their fallen heroes.

Leaving Megalopolis will be exclusive to Kickstarter, which means that if you want to own a copy of this book you’ll need to get over to their project page and pledge your support. Today is just the first day of fund raising and, as of 8:00pm GMT (12:00pm PDT), the project is already close to surpassing the half-way mark for funding.

Whether you are already a committed fan of Gail and Jim’s previous work, or just hearing about them for the first time. If you like comics told with passion and style, this is one project you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

You can find more updates on this, as well as other projects, direct from Gail over on her twitter feed and Tumblr.

Jim can be found over at his website where you will also find more examples of his wonderful artwork.

All images in this post are the property of Jim Calafiore and Gail Simone from the up-coming, creator-owned, graphic novel, Leaving Megalopolis.