Drive-by Blog #3

by distractingdelusions

Life has been hectic for the last couple of days.

To summarise:

  • I have been offered a new full-time job.
  • I didn’t want the job but, since jobs are in short supply, I have taken it.
  • I start tomorrow – about an hour after I finish my shift at my current, part-time, job.
  • I will be working two jobs for the next week.

Parts relevant to this blog:

  • K.T.W.  will be shifted, from Monday, to Sunday.
  • For the next week or so there will be less, written, activity here.
  • Once I’m back to just one job things will return to normal and, once again, there will be stories, news bits and random articles about things that catch my interest.

Until things return to normal, remember:

“You can’t kill a vegetable by shooting it in the head.”