Kickstart The Week: Bittersweet Candy Bowl

by distractingdelusions

In this week’s K.T.W. we’ll be looking at the Kickstarter to print the second collection (and more) of the web comic, Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

Let’s get straight to the point: Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a web comic about a group of cats going through high school, and life, just trying to figure it out. It’s that complex. If you have a thing against cats or reading stories to be entertained, walk away now. Actually, don’t. You’ll be missing out.


Whilst it may not immediately grab you with a complex pitch, this is a funny little comic that is using the KS format to cater to its pre-existing, and sizable, fan base. Which, to be honest, is exactly what Kickstarter and other, similar, sites are there for.

This is not a project that has just been thrown together and put up for funding in the vain hope that it might strike a chord with enough people to become a success. Bittersweet Candy Bowl is already a huge success in its own right. The majority of people supporting this project will already be familiar with these characters and their history and, really, that’s the point.

By using Kickstarter to fund and print the second, physical, volume of BCB, Veronica Vera (creator/writer/artist) and her partner, Oliver (writing/editing/business) are able to offer their fans a variety of bonuses they wouldn’t get using a traditional distribution method. It also gives the fans a practical way to support a comic they already love, and invites them to help contribute to part of the story’s publishing history.

Both Books (as shown on the project page).

Personally, I like the web-comic. It regularly amuses me and, as a fan, being able to contribute a bit to something I enjoy seems like a worthwhile thing to do. I would definitely recommend other fans support this project, even if your just pitching in at the $5 entry level. But that’s enough from me. The project still has 25 days left to go (as of 27/08/2012), so if you’re not familiar with the comic but do like,

a) Cats,

b) Comics,

c) A good story with plenty of humor as well as moments of genuine pathos,

then you have plenty of time to go and – 


before making an informed decision.

The actual project page, which contains full reward & shipping details,  can be found: HERE.

And – in case you managed to avoid every other link in this article – the web comic, replete with archives, forums, a store and a fuller history of the comic itself, can be found: HERE. So go and take a look!


All images used in this entry were created by Veronica Vera, and are © to her 2006–2012. You can also see further examples of her other artwork over on her deviantArt page (here).