Kickstart The Week [Fast Sell Edition]: Project Eternity

by distractingdelusions

As it says, this week is a quick one (again) thanks to my computer deciding it’s still do-everything-at-1000th-normal-speed day.

However, the project we shall be glancing at sells itself very nicely without call for lots of text. So much so in fact that…


With 29 Days to go!

So the only real questions to ask are:

  1. Do you like RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Fallout(s) 1 & 2 and Icewind Dale?
  2. Are you excited at the prospect of owning a brand new RPG developed by creators and designers involved in creating the games listed above?

If your answer is a resounding YES then this is the project for you.

THE project.

Obsidian Entertainment‘s Project Eternity is an absolute must for fans of the distinctive RPG visual style created by the, BioWare developed, infinity engine. Though it will be running on a newer engine this will look, and play, like the RPGs you first honed your adventuring skills on. In non-gamer terms, this is a brand new RPG being made in the classic western RPG style. Not just by fans of the style, but by people who created and worked on several of the classics this game (visually) harks back to.

Thematically, this is going to be a fantasy RPG based in a world where magic is prevalent. So it’s not going to be another post-apocalyptic wasteland scenario. Fallout’s been done already. These guys did it. You will gather your companions as you travel around the world and they will grow with you. You won’t be alone for too long and figuring out how best to configure and utilise your party members will be vital to your progress. Whilst a lot of the specifics are being kept under lock and key, a quick viewing of the project trailer will offer you more of an idea as to whether this will suit your RPG-ing needs.

If this short (it took me half-an-hour to write these two minutes of text! *grumblegrumble*) description has whetted your appetite, you should definitely – GO TO THE PROJECT PAGE – and watch the video mentioned above. Also, read the text, look at the designs and click on all the links.

This is going to be something special for fans of this style of RPG and you will not want to miss out. Especially when you can get digital downloads (via Steam) of the full game, its soundtrack and the collectors book – which features concept art, the main handbook, monster manual and more – at the $35 pledge mark alone.

Go and check out Obsidian’s main page, as well as the project page, for even more updates.

Honestly, I’m so hyped for this project that I’m even considering throwing out this termite-infested hunk of junk and getting a new…