Halloween Eve

by distractingdelusions

This finally arrived today!

Halloween Eve, comic and print.

This is a very fun one-shot, for Halloween(!), written by Brandon Montclare with full art duties, (and lettering,) by Amy Reeder. At its core this is a, through-the-looking-glass, tale for Halloween.

Eve is a, somewhat cynical, store clerk in a fancy dress shop, and she hates Halloween. Needless to say, she is less than impressed when she learns that she will have to wear a costume for the dread day and the resulting fireworks lead to her ‘volunteering’ to do over-time, in preparation for the last-minute rush on costumes. Whilst working later that night, strange things begin to happen in the shop, and it’s not long before Eve’s world is turned upside down.

You can order a print copy from Image Comics, or buy a digital copy through Comixology.