Stealth Zines: Pushing Creativity

by distractingdelusions

I mentioned this briefly on twitter this morning but thought the idea deserved a short blog post of its own. Here’s a quick re-cap of my basic reasons for wanting to create and distribute a stealth-zine at work. (Yes, stealth-zine is just a fancy way of saying my name won’t be printed on it.):

As someone who has always created through music, singing, drama, and writing, the idea of making my own zine is not new. In fact I even tried it a couple of times as a teenager, with varied results. Though the fact that those zines didn’t really go very far never discouraged me. The true purpose of a zine, as I see it, is to affect your local social environment. A zine can introduce new ideas and concepts into a closed environment, subtly. An office building that houses multiple companies, such as the one I work in, is an ideal playground for a would-be zine maker. The feedback is instant and you’re going to get the whole range of responses. Some people will ignore it, some will be baffled, others intrigued, and a few will even like it. Those last ones are the people you’re doing this for, besides yourself, obviously. The hope – my hope – is that your zine will encourage someone else to make something.

A zine, in any form, is a tool. It can encourage creativity and stimulate conversation in the most inhospitable environments; like graffiti, or music.

By publishing a single sided A5, stealth zine I can be as creative or as conservative as I want to be. I could write an essay (I won’t be), or I could draw/collage/paint/scribble whatever I want all over it. No matter what form it takes the primary objective is to jolt people out of their daily routine. A zine’s raison d’être should never be the pursuit of profit, or recognition. It should simply exist to affect your unwitting audience. Whether you choose to educate, amuse or shock your readers is up to you.

I intend to intrigue. Intrigue is a fantastic catalyst for creation.

Publishing anonymously in an age where everyone and their *cat has access to a computer & printer is the simplest thing in the world. No computer at home? Go to a library. No library? You probably have a computer at home. Just remember, if you decide to try this idea yourself, the experience should be something you want to do. If making your zine isn’t fun then you’ve slipped off the creative path and you’re probably making a newsletter. You poor sod.

If you don’t want to make it, it’s not worth making.