Kickstart The Week [Mini Edition] & a Farewell

by distractingdelusions

#1 :

The Parlour Trick

TPTMeredith Yayanos (@Theremina) and Dan Cantrell’s first full-length “ghostly, atmospheric” chamber album has surpassed it’s goal. But if they can push it a little further in the next 65 (and counting) hours, this project will attain a whole new level of macabre awesomeness. Go and take a look. Even better, have a listen.


Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel

PPWendyAs I have previously written about this project at reasonable length, you are probably already clicking this link here.

If you haven’t read my previous article, or visited their main page, you should go and do those things now. The rest of you know the talent behind this book, and you know they can deliver the quality displayed in the gorgeous promotional art.

It only has seventeen days left to reach its target!


That’s all the kickstarting for this post.

So, on to the farewell.

I realise that this will seem odd to a lot of people, but this is a farewell to someone I have never met, and most likely never will. Nevertheless, it should be said anyway because, to mercilessly borrow and butcher a line from the song, ‘even if you never read this, somebody else will know.’

I am currently processing the news that Karen Berger is leaving Vertigo. I’m sure that a lot of rumours will come flooding out in the next few days/weeks regarding her departure. But as a long-time fan of Vertigo’s output, and having seen numerous authors and artists I admire and respect repeatedly thank and praise her in letters pages, forewords and acknowledgements; all I have to say is, thank you. Thank you for supporting (and harassing when needed) those who have worked for you and for helping to shape comics, as a whole, for the better.

Sincerely, thank you.