On writing and non-guilty pleasures.

by distractingdelusions

Today I have been at home, writing. I finally booked a day off from the office job to actually get on and make some headway on at least one of the projects scrawled across my hoards of notepads. Roughly two thousand new words later I’m starting to get somewhere. It’s not as far as I hoped, but I spent the first couple of hours editing and re-writing bits I already had. [See Fig. 1 for more details] I also ended up with a lot of background/historical material that will be useful in keeping a coherent timeline going forward.

Fig. 1 - Two hours in.

Fig. 1

At the current count I’ve written roughly 2500 words today and edited out approximately 600 more. I will also be going back to writing once I’ve posted this and I have a whole slew of new notes for the next few chapters, which is nice.

Buoying my mood today, I also got a few things in the post that I’ve been waiting for for the past week or two, as evidenced below!

Figs 2 - 4I’ve also been catching up on a lot of pod-casts over the past few weeks. One thing in particular that’s stuck with me, and resonated with me, is something that was said in the Dave Grohl Nerdist pod-cast 315. It’s incredibly obvious, and it’s an attitude I used to have, and I’m not quite sure when I lost it. But now it’s back with a vengeance. I think it was Jonah that said it (sorry if I’m wrong!), but the key phrase was,

You shouldn’t feel guilty for something you like.”

Incredibly simple advice, I know. But it made me realise that there an awful lot of things that I like, love, and get enthusiastic about, that I just don’t talk about. Usually because people I don’t know particularly well, if at all, might think they’re stupid, childish, dumb, lame, etcetera, and so forth. But the main thing that bothered me about this was that there are people that I do know, people I count as my friends, that I actively won’t discuss these things, that mean something to me, with. Because I know they won’t see whatever it is I see, and they won’t care, and they’ll probably laugh and make fun of it. Which sucks to realise.

But I’ve decided that they’re just going to have to put up with the unedited version of me from now on. If they stop talking to me, they weren’t really my friends in the first place. It’s like being re-born as a fourteen year old me.

Now that’s a disturbing image.

So, for now I’m throwing myself into getting this book, which is a different book to the one I was writing at the start of the year, done. I’ll go back to the other one in between when I need a change of pace, but this one’s got me psyched. All the pieces are slowly falling into place, and that’s a pretty damned cool place to be.