Of Dark Heresies & Comics

by distractingdelusions

After a very productive beginning to last week, documented here, time rather ran away from me. As well as work I’ve been GMing a Dark Heresy campaign for the past few weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Dark Heresy is an RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Your group play the part of acolytes of the Inquisition and much mayhem ensues as you charge around the galaxy (more specifically, the Calixis Sector) purging Heretics, Xenos and Daemons. It’s just a little bit awesome. I love playing my Battle Sister in my friend’s campaign because she kicks a lot of heretical butt.

However, we are currently transitioning from that campaign, which is on hiatus for a few months, back to another campaign with different characters. But before we start back down that road of blood and fire I’ve been filling in with a series of short, sharp, one-off campaigns whilst one of our number has been on holiday. It’s been a blast, although rushing to put everything together week by week (I’m one of those GMs that does handouts) hasn’t left a lot of time for much in between. Still, this week was the last of my campaign so I should be back to updating at least a couple of times a week.

On the subject of Comics:

I strongly suggest you catch up on X-Men Legacy. The first arc concluded with two endings(!), which included an unexpected twist and a lot of foreshadowing, whilst somehow staying very open ended. I will be going back to look through it issue by issue with as few spoilers as humanly possible. If you haven’t taken a look at this series yet, you definitely should.

Similarly, I will be going back to look through The Massive & Mara, which are two very different stories written by Brian Wood. I will also be taking a look at Saga, which is heartwrenching & brilliant. Seriously, it’s not often I find myself turning to the final page of a comic and swearing profoundly whilst choking back tears. But Brian K Vaughan seems to have perfected the ability to elicit this sort of reaction from his readers. The fact that everything is arted (real word, honest) so beautifully by Fiona Staples seems to double the emotional impact. Reading Saga is rather like reading George R.R. Martin. And if you don’t get the implication behind that after my previous sentence… well, just read Saga. You’ll catch on quickly.

And finally, on another tangent…

Happy Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Release Week!

SC 2

Prepare to be Zerged!