Crap I write in the office (1/∞)

by distractingdelusions

In my mind there’s an eagle but in my heart there’s a moose.

I may need to clarify that statement.

I am an artist and I have decided that today is the day I start my new novelty webcomic. There will be regular updates. There will be forums, with updates, and – most importantly – there will be Merch. Also known as merchandise.

Money will be made hand over fist, and I’ll never have to work in an office again. That is the plan.

That would be the plan.

Unfortunately, none of the above is true. I am not an artist – I cannot art. When I try to art, whether by manipulation of pen, pencil, or brush, I fail miserably. But it’s nice to dream, and in my dreams my webcomic is about a moose (even though my brain tells me an eagle would probably sell better).

It’s hilarious. You guys are missing out.

If only I could art.