Proof of Life

by distractingdelusions

Updates. I hate them.

There’s something incredibly presumptuous about writing an update. My main problem is that the very act of writing an update assumes that people should care. But why should people care? I haven’t written here in an age, and it’s not like anyone was hanging on my every word beforehand. My opinion just isn’t that important to complete strangers. Sad, but true. Also – obvious.

All that said, here’s an update, if you care for that sort of thing.

I am still a weird mess of creativity. However, I have successfully reigned in my need to share half-complete/half-formed work. Not just with people I’ve never met, no. Even my wife hasn’t seen any of the scripts/drafts I am currently working on. I still haven’t shown her the +30,000 words I churned out during last year’s NaNoWriMo.

Since I last rambled here various projects have gone into hibernation. Outlets I previously used have also, sadly, dried up. And to top it all my keyboard has slowly disintegrated. I am currently waiting for a new one to arrive. It’s got keys and everything. Very exciting.

There’s also the matter of my now being thirty, which I find peculiar. Not because of any sudden revelations. More because, well… I still feel & think the same as I did when I was 17/18. Maybe if I hadn’t spent the last decade raising kids I might feel wiser & more mature than, say, five years ago. But I have. So my responsibilities are still the same as they have been for a long time. Thirty is just another number. It holds no power over me despite an endless stream of subpar sitcoms trying to tell me it should.

Anyway, I am continuing to work on my writing whilst holding down an increasingly dreary day job. It’s going fairly well, though I still haven’t completely shaken the impulse to edit as I write. But I am making progress on something I feel a need to write. But I won’t talk about that at the moment. I’ll save that for once it’s finally done.

So, there it is. Consider yourselves updated.

At the moment I have no inclination to return to producing articles on here. That doesn’t mean I won’t. I just have no plans to write articles or reviews at the moment. Similarly, the Kickstarter recommendations won’t be making a return for the foreseeable future.

I am without schedule. It’s rather nice.

Take care, and thanks for reading. – B