Something I need to share

by distractingdelusions

Last night I sat with my wife and children in my parent’s living room to watch Jumanji. A wonderful film in which Robin Williams plays a grown up who was sucked into a magical board game as a kid. His role is, by turns, both funny and poignant. But mainly hilarious.

If you haven’t seen the film, stop reading, go and watch it with the people you love, and then come back. You owe it to yourself.

Personally, watching Jumanji is a bittersweet experience for me. Any time I see it being shown on T.V. I feel compelled to watch it. But it also reminds me of those friends I first saw it with at the cinema when it was  released. Friends I haven’t seen in years for a whole slew of reasons. Most of them made up. Yet, the film always manages to put a smile on my face no matter how silly and introspective I get when the titles first appear.

Needless to say, my kids loved it. Their favourite part? Robin Williams, of course. After all, what’s funnier than watching a grown man who acts with the energy and enthusiasm of a child? They absolutely loved the film and his madcap performance.

This morning I awoke to the sad news that this wonderful,funny man is no longer with us.
Just as my parents didn’t tell me and my friends that John Candy had passed away before we went to see ‘Cool Runnings’, I don’t have the heart to tell the children yet.

Amidst the many facebook tributes my friends have posted, my wife has simply put, “Nanu nanu.” Mork’s signature phrase meaning both, ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. It seems fitting, I think.

For my part, the only words I can think of are, Thank You.

Thank you, Mr. Williams for sharing your boundless talent and enthusiasm with the world. I can’t wait to introduce my children to the rest of your work.
Thank you.