Welcome to the Distracted Delusion

by distractingdelusions

Welcome to my new writing blog. After a couple of previous stop-start attempts at general blogging I decided that this time I would do something I could get into and could be enjoyed by anyone, rather than appealing solely to a minority of like-minded readers.

To the point!

The raison(s) d’être for this blog are (in the following order):

  • To produce a new short story, no less than 750 and no longer than 1,000 words, each week.
  • To interact with readers and produce something that benefits both the readers and author.
  • To give me a focus and a challenge to keep my writing fresh and you, the readers, coming back for more.
  • Most importantly, this is for fun.

Fun, really?

Yes. Whilst I won’t pretend this isn’t a good way to expand my portfolio and reach readers who would otherwise remain blissfully unaware of my writing; the aim here is for this blog to be enjoyable for both, you, the readers and me, your author.

How this Works.

As stated, the aim is to produce a new short story each week. Your part in all of this is very simple:

New stories will be posted each Friday afternoon at 12:30(GMT). Once the new story is posted all readers are welcome to submit their ideas for the title of the following week’s piece.

All title entries are to be sent to: distractingdelusions@gmail.com

I shall select and announce the title for the next piece by 12:30(GMT) the following Monday and the completed piece will be posted the same Friday as stated above.

Whilst I have more experience writing in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres, the style of each story will be dictated by the way in which I interpret your titles, so be as creative as you can and I shall respond in kind.

I look forward to your title suggestions.


Ben, (from the corner of your eye).