Mid-Week, No Worry

by distractingdelusions

It’s Wednesday and I have a (digital) stack of comics to burn through before I pass out tonight, so I’ll keep this simple.

The preview issue of my stealth-zine debuted at work today. I was originally intending on posting them over on my tumblr on the same day I drop the physical version. But since a lot of the content has been appropriated & re-purposed, in typical zine fashion, the idea of editing it to avoid potential copyright issues killed that idea swiftly. You can get away with it in the real world because a zine’s distribution is limited, and blatantly non-profit, but online is a whole different beast.

Anyway, I didn’t really get to hear any reaction to this one as I had to run for the train (which was then typically late), but I’ll see how it went down tomorrow.

This week I have mostly spent my breaks reading Cory Doctorow‘s excellent Pirate Cinema, which I picked up as part of the Humble Bundle a couple of weeks back. I don’t know if it’s the same throughout the UK, but I just can’t find the man’s books in an actual bookshop! I have to go online to get hold of them. Yes, it’s more convenient in some ways. But when everywhere’s trying to sell you Little Brother at ridiculous prices, there’s something to be said for an ordinary bookstore with an R.R.P.

I have also been resurrecting a couple of comic projects and, in the next few weeks, will start getting down to the serious matter of finding a potential publisher. These are, initially, two separate stories that will merge to create a single on-going series. That is the theory at least. There’s still a long way (at least six months) to go before anything might come of these/this. But it’s exciting for me.

Time to go. Suggested reading for today lies, here and, here.

Suggested listening(s), here: Words /Music

Have fun!